Pelican Ice Company specializes in ice and water delivery and logistics for natural disasters, hurricanes, and weather emergencies. Contact (504) 602-0013 today.

Pelican Ice Company: Ice for Emergencies, Hurricanes, Natural Disasters, Tornadoes and Floods

Ice pallets during a hurricane emergency with National GuardWith over 40 years of experience in disaster relief logistics, Pelican Ice Company can provide all of your ice, water, and refrigerated trailer needs for emergencies and natural disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods.

We have extensive logistics experience during these times and are fully capable of fulfilling your needs via emergency ice and water contracts, or on-demand.

Ice and Water for Emergencies

Our fulfillment team specializes in nationwide emergency ice and water delivery. Some of our services include:

  • Palletized ice and water
  • Refrigerated truckloads of ice delivered across the continental United States
  • Emergency ice and water on-demand response fulfillment
  • Emergency ice preparedness contracts

Contact our ice fulfillment specialists with questions or to establish your own response for ice and water delivery during emergencies. .: Contact Us :.